About Dishthistoday

Hi All,

I have started this blog to help organize my thoughts about what I like and don’t like about some of the things I try in my kitchen.  I also want a central place to store my recipes.  I promise to add descriptive tips around the recipes I post, given often we find ourselves wishing for a little extra guidance.  I like to cook and bake and often will try new things with both success and failure.  I will label each recipe degree of difficulty and talk a little about the tools and gadgets in my kitchen.  I call myself a good cook but not a great one and presentation has never been a strength.  I have been seriously exploring ways to delight in the kitchen for about 10 years.  The prior 30 + years  – well we just won’t go there, including the time I almost blew up my studio in New York making french toast.  I now live in the suburbs of Maryland and am joined daily by my husband and our young child for meals.  We often have guests.

I hope you join me for the ride.


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